When trying to opt for a healthy lifestyle, the most difficult part is kick-starting a diet program. More often than not, we fail to keep up with the plan and go back to our old ways. To ensure that you stick to your diet, it is essential that the nutrition intake is pleasing to your palate. Another important thing to note here is that the focus should be on the proportion of nutrition and not just the calorie count.
Here are a few more tips you can follow that will help you to not just start eating healthy but also stick to the plan:

1. Start with a realistic goal – Don’t try to lose weight fast and achieve unrealistic fitness goals; the results are often temporary and the effects will wear out in the long run. Set a long term goal and slowly yet steadily progress towards it; make small changes to your diet first instead of following unsustainable diet trends.

2. Swap processed foods with whole foods – Instead of satisfying your craving with a pizza; pick a fruit or your choice of veggies. This will satisfy your appetite while providing essential nutrients to your body.

3. Cut down sugary drinks from your diet – Sugary drinks the likes of sodas and processed juices are one of the main reasons behind obesity. They also sometimes lead to premature ageing and anxiety. So whenever the need arises to quench your thirst, opt for unsweetened beverages.

4. Keep healthy food handy – When hunger strikes, we immediately go for something that’s easily available and more often than not, it’s junk/ fast food. Therefore, to ensure you don’t indulge in unhealthy food, healthy food needs to be readily available. Carry fruits or small batches of cooked veggies with you at all times and grab a quick bite whenever hungry.

5. Use smaller plates – The size and the colour of the plate have a psychological effect on our appetite; using a larger plate tricks our brains into overeating and similar is the case with the colour of the plate. If the colour of the plate is in contrast to the food item, we tend to eat just enough instead of binging. To ensure you are not eating more than required, use a smaller plate.

Starting a diet is a task for many, but if brought into practice the right way, it is much easier to maintain. Apart from following these easy tips, always ensure that you are hydrated. Increase the amount of water intake to at least 2 litres per day for better digestion and to maintain a healthier food cycle through the day. With these easy to follow dietary changes to your routine, a healthier lifestyle will not seem so far away.


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