Diet and fertility ( lets take care of our little ones)

Everyone talks about obesity and healthcare at some stage of life, but I want to talk of life when it was about to begin. Yes it is the right time to take care of our health  even before we were born because the root cause is the root or the seed from where it begins. With the increased knowledge of nutritional value of foods, there is greater importance of optimal diets prior to conception to achieve high fertility in both men and women. Diet rich in monounsaturated fats and vegetable protein and fibre rich low GI carbohydrates give higher fertility in women.

In men, consumption of long chain poly unsaturated fatty acids is particularly more important for sperm quality and quantity. Sperm production is improved with diets rich in omega-3 fats but reduced with saturated and trans fat.So we should enhance the use of olive oil, filtered oils and seed oils ,choose legumes pulses and nuts , whole grain cereal food etc.

Kavita More
Nutrition and Diet Coach


  1. Hi Kavita, Its amazing to know how our food intake not only affects our weight but fertility too. Thanks for the valuable information

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