Food during pregnancy

 “You are eating for two has been proven to be a Myth”. Energy requirements do Not change in the first trimester and only increase by about 15% towards the end of pregnancy. But nutrient requirements increase. For example, It is important to have varied balanced diet that includes all the core food groups : fruits, vegetables, cereals and whole grains, calcium, rich foods (such as dairy) and meat or alternatives. During the 1st trimester extra energy from food is not required. But during second trimester energy requirements increase by 330 calories, equivalent to one tub of yoghurt, one cereal for one roti and one piece of fruit . During 3rd trimester, it increase to 950 calories, i.e; one bowl cereal, with milk plus cheese sandwich.

The requirement for nutrients is more not energy i,e; quality not quantity. Most of the women tend to gain extra weight because they eat higher quantity as compared to the requirement of the body.


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