COVID 19 – Home Dietary Guidelines
Everyday the covid cases are increasing in India. Today we will talk about people suffering from covid and home quarantined and need dietary guidelines.
1. So number one we have to see that we drink enough water and we are hydrated throughout the day. So you can have lemon water, coconut water, sattu water, lassi, chhas and vegetable soup or vegetable juices . Please try to include mints, ginger, garlic etc in your soups and juices. You can have 2-3 times lemon water and kada with  ginger, turmeric , cinnamon powder, black paper 2-3 times, cloves and cardamom and tulsi leaves etc. once or twice.
2. Vitamin C is very necessary to improve immunity. Include coconut water with a squeeze of lemon give 10 times more Vitamin C . Red Capsicum is  full of Vitamin C include guava, Mousambi, Oranges, Mangoes, Amla,sweet potato and spinach etc.Vitamin C supplements can be taken also.
3. Protein rich food is very necessary to have . So please take care that you have complete protein, that is one pulse item with rice or roti you should have so this will make complete protein. You can include paneer in your diet. Also drumsticks are complete protein . So it can be included in diet. Quinoa is also one grain that is complete protein. So this must be included to get good vegetarian protein. For non- vegetarians fish can be included 2-3 times a week.
4. It is necessary that we take care of our gut health during this time . For that probioties and prebioties are necessary to maintain a healthy gut. For this curd (non refrigerated) can be had daily. Also cooked rice soaked at night in water can be had empty stomach. This helps to build the gut health. Other fermented foods like idle, dhosa kimchi is also good to have. Good amount of fibers like the dals, rajma, chola, vegetables, fruits, oats, ragi, bajra etc are very good to have.
If  you are not able to have vegetables  juice or proper diet then you can also have ORS water once to  twice daily. Also include seeds and nuts in your diet.

So along with breathing exercises hot water , herbal tea ,gargle, oil pulling , good sleep and stress free mind please take care of dietary guidelines and you will be soon fit and fine.


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